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NETGEAR GSM4210P M4200 Full Power PoE+ 8×2.5G and 2x10G Aggregation Switch
Netgear M6100 Series UPOE Daughter Card XCM89UP-10000S
NETGEAR XCM89P-10000S M6100 Series Daughter Card
NETGEAR XCM8948-10000S M6100 Series 48x1G Blade
NETGEAR XCM8944F-10000S M6100 Series 40 x SFP and 4 x 10G Blade
Netgear M6100 Series 40X1G and 4X10G Blade XCM8944-10000S
Netgear M6100 Series 24X10G Blade XCM8924X-10000S