ViewSonic ViewSync 3 Wireless Full HD Dual-Band Wi-Fi Presentation Gateway


The ViewSonic ViewSync 3, wireless presentation gateway with 2 bundled AutoProject™ Keys (USB dongles), featuring AutoProject™ – USB-plug-in for instant projection, can powerfully transmit 1080p multimedia content from over 50 notebooks simultaneously.

  • With AutoProject Key USB dongle
  • Support for 2.4GHz / 5GHz WiFi
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The ViewSonic® PJD6544w is an advanced networkable WXGA DLP® projector that delivers bright widescreen images in any setting. Equipped with Crestron® LAN controller, the PJD6544w makes i t easy for IT admin to remotely control and manage multiple projectors from their workstations. Built with BrilliantColor™ technology, this projector produces vibrant colors, while 3500 ANSI lumens and 15000:1 contrast ratio deliver stunning, razor-sharp images. The PJD6544w easily integrates into any size campus or enterprise. In addition, the PJD6544w is packed with advanced features including wired and wireless LAN display, USB display, a mobile app for smart phones and tablets, capability for PC-less presentations, 3D Blu-ray ready HDMI, and integrated speakers. The PJD6544w is the perfect projector for both classroom and corporate settings where a powerful widescreen projection is necessary.

Real-time interaction in 1080p

Eliminate the drawbacks of traditional wired & wireless connection

Innovative AutoProject™ Key
USB plug for instant wireless presentations
The ViewSonic ViewSync 3 wireless presentation gateway offers a convenient AutoProject™ function for USB wireless presentations. Whether in meeting rooms or classrooms, presenters can easily plug-n-project from their own laptops via a wireless auto-projection USB dongle, instead of using a VGA cable or traditional wireless presentation setups, decreasing setup time and cutting back on monotonous procedures.

  • Frequent User :
    One-time driver installation (In 30 seconds), enables auto projection via USB dongle use
  • One-time User :
    Quick-install each time, green software installation without the saving the driver in the NB

Make group presentation management quick and easy

Moderator Mode
Wirelessly preview and share content from over 50 laptops simultaneously
With bundled presentation software, it helps the presentation host to enhance interaction capabilities in large-scale meeting/class environments. Moderator mode allows 50+ simultaneous connections from attendees’ PCs or NBs. The host can preview all connected screens before broadcasting, and can choose any linked screen to present. In seconds, the chosen presenter’s ideas can be shared with all.

  • AP mode (Access Point) allows simultaneous connection to up to 8-laptops instantly
  • Client mode (ViewSync 3 links to Wireless Access Point Router) allows simultaneous connection to over 50- laptops instantly

Leave wireless switch setup problems behind

Concurrent Mode
Auto-switch connection for laptop or mobile devices
The ViewSync 3 supports laptop wireless 2.4G / 5GHz projection, Screen Mirroring and DLNA Media Streaming from your tablet or smartphone. It can support any of the above connection protocols and devices without a manual switch. Users can quickly connect to the ViewSync 3.


No more long cable connection problems

Enhanced wireless image brightness and clarity
up to 50% brighter picture versus cabled connections
Wireless projections can deliver clearer images with less signal noise and data loss when compared with using a long VGA cable. Thorough testing also found the ViewSync 3 outputs an up to 50% brighter image, compared to projection through a 20-meter VGA cable.


Solve the problem of wireless transmission lag

Dual band wireless 2.4G / 5GHz switch
Stable wireless projection and smooth video playback quality
2.4GHz is a very popular bandwidth for most wireless devices, which can easily cause transmission lag. The advantage of a 5GHz network is that it can have twice the link speed, which increases the quality for multi-media broadcasting. WiFi Dual Band support utilizes flexible usage, by providing either 2.4G or 5GHz network.


Start your presentation without the PC!

Built-in USB reader
PC-less projection for multimedia content
Jump start a presentation directly from a USB flash drive without waiting for your PC to boot up. A practical, user-centric design enables your projector to broadcast video, music and photos instantly.


Enhance user interactions

Interactive real-time annotations
The bundled software allows real-time annotations on content displayed from Windows or Mac laptops. These changes can be saved and updated instantly, allowing the presenter and laptop-connected audience simple, yet effective interaction.


Enhance the convenience of content interaction & control

USB back control
Remote control for interaction or assistance
The ViewSync 3 provides a USB back control function, allowing users to wirelessly connect and control a mouse or keyboard remotely. When a presenter holds a meeting/class, an assistant can help control the mouse or keyboard remotely at the same time.


Smart remote control

Hotkeys and wireless presenter functions
Finding a function through the on-screen menu can be time-consuming. To make things easier, this remote control contains hotkeys for critical, major functions. The major functions include Moderator, USB reader, and wireless presenter functions (mouse control, page up-n-down, screen freeze, etc.).


Extended screen with auto resolution adjustment

One-click finish
Keeps private and public content on display with just one click. A dual screen provides the presenter flexibility to control a meeting/class. Discussion on the projected content while editing other content privately, the ViewSync 3 auto-adjusts the display resolution depending on the source, without setup steps.


Enhance the convenience of mobile projection

App – ViewMedia (Android, iOS)
Real-time multi-media sharing
With the ViewMedia App for DLNA media streaming, even mobile devices can broadcast images, music, and video to the projector or TV wirelessly. Easy network connectivity saves setup and processing time by enabling content sharing from multiple devices, making presentations and setups smoother and more efficient.


Enhance the convenience of mobile projection

NFC tag for auto screen mirroring (Android)
Convenient and time-saving projection setup
Driven by NFC tag technology, first download the ViewMirroring App to activate the screen mirroring function in mobile devices. Presenters can save time by enabling auto screen mirroring for every future presentation, rather than wasting time setting up.


Transmission of 1080p multimedia content

The finest picture quality
With a built-in HDMI port, the ViewSync 3 receives and transmits Full HD 1920 x 1080 images for the sharpest and clearest image quality. It delivers exceptional details and astonishing clarity for the best viewing experience.





    Interface : RJ-45 Connector (10/100Mbps)
    Interface : Built-in 802.11 a/b/g/n 2T2R
    Frequency Band : 2.4GHz(2.312~2.472GHz, 2.484GHz))/5G(5.18~5.825GHz) Dual Band
    Data Transfer Speeds : up to 150Mbps
    Security/ Encryption : WPA/WPA2, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK

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